Community Engagement Events

If you have an idea of an event you would like to create – maybe to recognise an anniversary of your village, tell its heritage, share a story of folklore or real happening, I can guide you through the planning process, the paperwork, the timeline and the delivery ensuring that it engages with, and involves, your community.

Sharing Heritage

It’s always good to have a variety of ways to present your story.  This can be through living history displays, printed media, a storyteller, a film, or a writing workshop. Through films, exhibitions, art, community events, and the written word. I can do many of those things but I also collaborate with a number of artists so am able to find the best way to engage your audience.

I have worked in schools and on-site, running sessions based on heritage crafts, telling stories, childrens' tours of churches, making a giant bell, heritage treasure hunts, you name it, I can find a creative way of teaching or sharing it.

Promotion of your Group

Being voluntary does not mean being amateur. Presenting your organisation and its activities in a professional and clear way is really important. This doesn’t have to be expensive either. We have a trusted designer in our team and work with various print suppliers to make this fast and inexpensive. Let people recognise your brand and know what you are doing: leaflets, booklets, flyers, boards, banners, displays and pop ups.


Creating the March of the Fifty. How I created a WW1 march taken by the first fifty civilian volunteers to arrive in France to fight. This is followed by a specially commissioned film.

The Medieval Church and its Superstitious Congregation.

Folklore, death and witches – all part of everyday medieval life

Telling Stories

How I have shared stories throughout my career by writing two books, making mosaics, working with the public, creating living history displays and events. 

If you would like me to give a talk to your group, please get in touch.


Beginners mosaic day courses. New dates will be posted soon.

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