The Man Who Took His Pigeon To War

The Man Who Took His Pigeon To War
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The man who took his pigeon to war.

Based on a true WW1 story, this is a book that has waited many years to be written. Ever since I discovered that my Great Uncle took his pigeon to war to send home a message to his family, I have wanted to share this lovely fact.  I first did this as part of a community project in 2014 to commemorate the beginning of the war.  I have since added to the book and it seemed fitting to use it to help raise funds for a gravestone for the brother in law of the main character.  I am delighted to announce that I raised enough funds to buy a gravestone.  Thank you to all who supported me. The book is still available. Such a lovely gift for a child or adult!

Your purchase helped to fund a gravestone for this WW1 soldier.

Joseph Smith lived in Ibstock and was the brother-in-law of James Bird, the character in this children’s book.

Joseph went to France in 1915 and was captured in 1918. He was forced to work down the German mines in terrible conditions. After release, he was retained as a reservist and finally came home in May 1919. 

He returned to his pre-war employment as a miner at Ibstock mine. In November 1920, he was hit by a fall of coal and taken home. Two days later, he died from his injuries. He left a wife and two daughters with a third child on the way.

He was just 27. He was a brave man and my Grandfather.